Are you kidding me @dylan
  1. Uranus
    I mean. I'm not 5 years old but this is a given, right?
  2. Venus
    Again, another given. Ok now that we've got the erotic sounding ones out of the way we can get real.
  3. Earth
    Because Justin Timberlake lives here.
  4. Jupiter
    Dat Great Red Spot tho am I right or am I right??
  5. Saturn
    The rings means it's wise and wisdom is sexy.
  6. Neptune
    Beautiful but so much gas ya know?
  7. Mars
    Getting a lot of attention but honestly not that hot. Overrated.
  8. Mercury
    Too small.
  9. Pluto
    I really think of Pluto as a little brother so that would be weird.