1. When the sun goes behind the clouds and your skin no longer feels like it's on fire
  2. Eating a bomb-ass dessert
  3. Orgasms
  4. Dipping your bare feet into the ocean
  5. Falling onto your bed after being on your feet all day
  6. Back scratches
  7. Cracking your back when you reeeeally need to
  8. Waking up early by accident, panicking, and then realizing you still have time to sleep in
  9. Showering after busting your ass at the gym
  10. Hearing an incredible song live
  11. Getting really good feedback on a design/art piece/idea/ANYTHING
  12. Finally getting the meat out of a lobster claw
  13. Putting on clothes (or laying in clothes) right out of the dryer when it's cold
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty