1. Background: my dad was in a hardcore band in the '80s called Gang Green
    So hXc (he's on the left)
  2. He's an incredibly talented composer and guitar player
    Probably the best I know!
  3. While recording his last album with the band, "Older, Budweiser" (get it????) he came to them with a beautiful ballad to end with.
  4. After playing it for everyone, they looked at him blankly and said, ".....what are we, gay???"
    The maturity levels were a little different.
  5. The lead singer took my dad's amazing song and re-wrote the lyrics.
  6. To be about beer.
  7. With lyrics like "now it's time to think about beer" and "just lots of beer and some jack, a few good friends havin' a couple of laughs" there is no possible way anyone could interpret this song to be anything but straight, white and male.
  8. Not to mention the loud cameo burp by ex-member Joe Gittleman, who is now the bassist for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
  9. But at least my dad kills the guitar solo in the end.
  10. Give it a listen: