My boss asked me to test a website I designed on our old, dusty Dell in the corner. I would rather gouge out my eyes with a fork?
  1. It wouldn't even turn on.
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  2. 20 minutes later, and the ball is rolling.
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  3. Oh 100% complete? Are you SURE?
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  5. ??????
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  6. ?????????
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  7. After another 15 minutes, the next challenge was to open up the site in Google Chrome.
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  8. Oh good, the site finally loaded! And thank god those giant fake ads are at the bottom just like I designed it.
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  9. You wanna go to a link from the nav bar? Well you CAN'T
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  10. Let's just go back to the homepage..... oh.
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  11. If this site doesn't work out then at least I know I can conquer the throne and crown myself king.
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  12. And Gregg is always here to help me if my PC is having issues.
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  13. Kill me
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