1. Tiny rocks
    I actually named each one, sewed little felt sleeping bags and kept them in a jewelry box.
  2. Craft bears
    You know those little fuzzy bears you buy at your local arts and crafts store? I had 200 of them.
  3. Microscopic beads
    I don't really know how to explain this one, but there was a bead shop near my house growing up and they had a collection of tiny little beads. I went frequently and each time would buy one of every color.
  4. Miniatures
    From silverware to notebooks to bowls of cookie dough. I had just about everything you could think of in miniature form. I mainly used them for my stuffed animals.
  5. Stuffed animals
    Some of them were friends and some were loners. All were soft and lived in my bed.
  6. Stickers
    Using any stickers from my extensive collection was forbidden. I definitely still have all of them.
  7. Pokemon cards
    Never played the game, but that didn't matter. They still got banned from elementary school. Although I gave most to my little brother, I still decided to keep the ones that I thought were cute.
  8. Bonus: my little brother Kipp collected plastic cherries from Hi-Ho-Cherry-o