1. "Ice Cube's son looks like more Ice Cube than Ice Cube looks like Ice Cube."
    My 17 year old brother, Kipp.
  2. "Awwww *my* shirt doesn't match *my* shoes!"
    A sarcastic remark from Kipp about my b&w striped shirt/shoes combo.
  3. "Whose disgusting old green candy is this stuck in the back seat?" "Mom why are you even asking, you know it's mine."
    An exchange between my mom and Kipp.
  4. "Wow this place is packed."
    My dad commenting on our crappy motel's empty parking lot.
  5. "Mom let's try this restaurant for breakfast tomorrow morning." "I don't know, they have pillows in the window. I don't like restaurants with pillows."
    Why not, mom?