1. "What if that slug had a hot date right *there* and you just ruined it?"
    My dad, to my mom, who had just moved a slug out of the sun and onto a shady rock.
  2. "Haha Sky look"
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    Kipp went from a planking position to this in a matter of 3 seconds.
  3. "What a great lamp!"
    My dad quoting the dad from "A Christmas Story," completely unprovoked, out of the blue.
  4. "Grumpy blueberry"
    Mom. I like this one better out of context.
  5. "We should steal this painting."
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    Sarcastic dad remark about an ugly painting in our motel room.
  6. "Fuck---- I mean uh. Um. Uhhhhhhhh.."
    My brother, realizing he was in front of my parents.
  7. "Good thing the waiter has his sunglasses handy just in case."
    Dad, commenting on our waiter's sunglasses on his head, while we were out to dinner at 9 PM.