1. When Michael hated Phyllis' homemade oven mit
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  2. When Aaron Carter kissed Lizzie McGuire under the mistletoe
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  3. When Patrick asked Santa for another piece of paper
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  4. When Ross dressed up as the Holiday Armadillo
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  5. When Timmy Turner's dad cared more about egg nog than his son
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  6. When Arnold reunited Mr. Nguyen with his daughter
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  7. When Muffy was a terrible friend
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  8. When the Tanners were stuck at the airport on Christmas Eve and Joey surprised Stephanie by dressing up as Santa
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  9. When April, Andy, and Tom weren't allowed to go to Jerry's Christmas party
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    Suggested by @okayerin
  10. When Rosario said, "This year I'm making your figgy pudding with rat poison and Ajax" and Karen replied, "But no raisins!"
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    Suggested by @theranman
  11. When Laura sold her beloved horse to buy Ma a stove.
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    Suggested by @mamie
  12. When Annie became a silly Christmas baby (filled with the spirit of glee club)
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    Suggested by @maggielocker