Aw thanks for the request Seebs. Just started a new job as a Jr. Designer in Boston!
  1. There's a BAR in the BUILDING
  2. I don't look sweaty in my ID photo even though I was sweaty when it was taken
  3. @jayb works there
  4. Free trip to Europe every year????!!!!
  5. Actually interested in all my projects
  6. There's a bbbaaarrr in the *building*
  7. My art director thinks I'm good at my job
  8. My team is hil-ar-ious
  9. I get to wear flannels
  10. Ping pong table
  11. Fro-yo machine
  12. The VP sits across from me and gives me compliments
  13. Everything's really pretty
  14. Bar in the building
  15. Building bar in the