This one's for @ChrisK, but there will be no pictures. None. Nope.
  1. When I was 13 I came across a photo on the World Wide Web called "lotus boob"
  2. It was a photoshopped boob that had been overlayed with a lotus pod
  3. It looked like she just had a bunch of holes in her boob
  4. It freaked me out and I thought about it for days and was really itchy
  5. Then years later, after STILL thinking about lotus boob from time to time I learned that this is a legit phobia called trypophbia
  6. And I watched a "how far can you get without freaking out" video about it to "see if I was trypophobic" and freaked out
  7. You can Google it if you want
  8. It's super gross