1. I grew up with them.
    They're my dad's all-time favorite band, so they were always around.
  2. It's something we bond over.
    We'll be in the car and he'll tell me to put on The Beatles and we'll discuss our favorite songs. Or I'll be home for the weekend and he'll quiz me on random Beatles fun facts.
  3. They caused a haircut to go viral.
    Who else could do that?
  4. The idea of "Beatle Mania" really interests me.
    It's so fascinating to me the amount of fans they really had. They were bigger than religion. They really were. They had to stop touring because of the noise level coming from the audience at every show.
  5. They're hilarious.
    Their movies are all in my top 10. I think we would have gotten along.
  6. They're just really fuckin' cool and catchy!
    They changed everything with their ideas and their music.