After living in Portland most of my life, I moved to LA to begin my next chapter. While I thought the transition wouldn't be too bad, I was sorely wrong. Am I hating too much?
  1. Traffic
    Typical commute complaints in Portland are dealing with maybe 20-30 minutes trying to get across the river. Try 20-30 minutes to get 2 miles. And at least 30 minutes to go 5 miles at almost all waking hours.
  2. Food Cost : Qualtiy Ratio
    The quality to cost ratio. In Portland you're almost guaranteed to get amazing food at $15 a plate. That same food in LA: at least $25.
  3. Weather
    When you're stuck inside 9 months of the year battling rain, we're deciding whether it's acceptable to wear flip flops to work.
  4. Meeting People
    When you're out and about in Portland you might run into some rad stranger. Maybe you'll exchange numbers and grab coffee at a cool coffee shop. Maybe you'll introduce them to your friend! In LA if they live more than 3 miles from you, forget about it. You'll never see them again.
  5. Food
    I hope you like tacos. Because you'll be eating a lot of them. Like burritos? Go to San Diego. But in all seriousness I would say that LA and portland are very similar when it comes to food. Except for that cost to quality ratio.