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Here are a few things that make my blood boil.
  1. People trying to argue that The Beatles aren't that great.
    I will fight anyone who rips up the Beatles!!! Most of the people that do haven't even listened to a complete album by them. Yes, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but don't continue roasting the Beatles or any other band, no one actually cares about what you think.
  2. Feminism
    I do believe there's true, genuine feminism and then there's a "I hate men they need to be exterminated" state of mind. A lot of my friends are feminists and they think I'm the worst person alive for appreciating men more than women.
  3. Hipsters and their dumb hipster clothes/music/plants
    I DO NOT CARE that you only listen to bands that are exclusively on bandcamp or soundcloud. I DO NOT CARE that your high waisted jeans rise above your rib cage. I TRULY DO NOT CARE that you go out of your way to be COMPLETELY different from everyone else when it isn't even who you ARE.
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  1. Salad Days by Mac Demarco
    This album is unbelievably beachy. Driving around town with your windows down will make you feel like you're in a movie.
  2. A Slushie
    Any flavor is super refreshing, don't settle for the cheap stuff though. You don't want too much or too little syrup, find a place that knows what they're doing!
  3. A lightweight t shirt
    One that looks classic, preferably stripes. Stripes never go out of style and if it's lightweight, you'll be cooler than ever!
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  1. 1.
    "The next day I hung out with her I realized I didn't want to date her."
    OUCH! A guy sent this screenshot of a conversation he had with the guy I liked, I'm STILL torn apart.
  2. 2.
    "Why did you ignore me? Just tell me the truth."
    When I'm too scared to say anything back I just ignore the person. Having someone confront me with it was really hard to deal with though.
  3. 3.
    "Hey Skye. Give me a call when you have a second."
    Regarding me accidentally backing into my Dad's friend's car, and then driving away after it happened.
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  1. Panties
    Makes me feel worthless
  2. Rural
    I just can't say it
  3. Wart
    It's a little hard to say and makes me think of anything slimy
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  1. January
    Me suffocating under my hair and jamming to Sabbath
  2. February
    I finished my most successful drawing in less than 4 days
  3. March pt. 1
    We went to Disney World for spring break and saw this adorable couple.
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  1. Meeting this dog
    Or Should I say Tarik meeting his new best friend? I miss this dog. He was great at welcoming our group to the country.
  2. Walking around Arad for the first time
    I'll never forget seeing the fabulous, old architecture.
    That made us all a little uncomfortable.
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  1. Material Girl-Madonna
    Ever since I was 8 this would be one of the only songs I would sing in Karaoke, but I kill it everytime of course.
  2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton John
    Never gets old, so emotional.
  3. Orange Crush-R.E.M.
    This song is a jam and right in my vocal range.
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  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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Here are my vital tools to a great makeup day.
  1. For eyeshadow
    Urban Decay's Original Primer Potion is an absolute gem. Put it in before you out on your eyeshadow and your makeup will last ALL DAY. I even cried once while wearing this, the shadow didn't even smudge...
  2. Lipstick
    WEAR UNIVERSAL LIP LINER!!! Use any brand of clear lip liner around your lips to keep your lipstick from bleeding up onto your upper lip.
  3. More Lipstick
    DO NOT apply your lipstick straight from the tube. Use a lip brush to brush on your preferred shade layer by layer. For darker colors, this keeps it from collecting in the little cracks of your lips throughout the day.
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  1. Considering whether music is bad or not is based on opinion really. In MY opinion, a bad band wouldn't even produce one great song.