Here are my vital tools to a great makeup day.
  1. For eyeshadow
    Urban Decay's Original Primer Potion is an absolute gem. Put it in before you out on your eyeshadow and your makeup will last ALL DAY. I even cried once while wearing this, the shadow didn't even smudge...
  2. Lipstick
    WEAR UNIVERSAL LIP LINER!!! Use any brand of clear lip liner around your lips to keep your lipstick from bleeding up onto your upper lip.
  3. More Lipstick
    DO NOT apply your lipstick straight from the tube. Use a lip brush to brush on your preferred shade layer by layer. For darker colors, this keeps it from collecting in the little cracks of your lips throughout the day.
    Always apply AFTER you put on your eyeshadow. Start by marking an angle at the edge of your eye. Join the top of that angle to the middle of your eyelid and then fill in the rest, you'll never fail this way.
  5. Mascara
    To keep the mascara brush from smudging on your eyelid, use a business card of some sort to shield your lid from your lashes. To apply mascara thoroughly, start the brush at the root and then jiggle it up back and forth to get full length and coverage.