1. "The next day I hung out with her I realized I didn't want to date her."
    OUCH! A guy sent this screenshot of a conversation he had with the guy I liked, I'm STILL torn apart.
  2. "Why did you ignore me? Just tell me the truth."
    When I'm too scared to say anything back I just ignore the person. Having someone confront me with it was really hard to deal with though.
  3. "Hey Skye. Give me a call when you have a second."
    Regarding me accidentally backing into my Dad's friend's car, and then driving away after it happened.
  4. "Do you actually want to be friends again?"
    When they said "actually" it made me feel flaky.
  5. "Where is the band on your list of priorities?"
    When I was apparently part of a band but chose other things to do rather than going to rehearsal. Made me feel REALLY flaky.