1. Screaming
    No matter what the situation is, screaming makes me so uneasy.
  2. Pots and Pans Hitting Eachother
    Normally it'll be silent and then all of a sudden CLINK DA DINK BANG BANG. This is one of the worst.
  3. Other People Eating
    Even hearing myself eat disgusts me. I get SO PISSED when I can hear someone sloshing around their food in their mouth. UGH.
  4. My Mom When She's Mad
    When she gets frustrated her voice goes up a couple octaves, making it painful to the ear.
  5. Mac and Cheese Being Stirred
    *shivers in disgust*
  6. Anyone Vomiting
    I don't know if it's the sounds they make or if it's the vomit hitting water they're throwing up on/in. I can't do it.
  7. My Alarm
    Equivalent to the cry of a thousand starving children.
  8. Mucus Ridden Coughs
    When someone coughs and it sounds like their lungs are made up of only mucus. Bleck.
  9. Snoring
    Do us all a favor and rip your throat out, please.