At Einstein Bros. Bagels, Potbelly, and Starbucks
  1. We don't even HAVE blueberry cream cheese
    After asking for a blueberry bagel with blueberry shmear
  2. I'm not toasting this bagel for you ma'am
    "Could I at least have it toasted?"
  3. You mean THIS bread?
    After I asked for a sandwich on regular bread.
  4. Well I can't serve it to ya RAW baby
    After I asked if she could toast my peanut butter sandwich
  5. The only thing we got is a BUTTER CROISSANT
    After asking for a slice of coffee cake.
  6. I'm not allowed to warm this up for ya baby
    After asking for a butter croissant.
  7. This city is an abomination!!!
    What I said after leaving these places.