1. Darryl Philbin from The Office
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    Just him and his keyboard.
  2. Marge Simpson from The Simpsons
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    You KNOW she has talent! Imagine an hour of just her on a CD!
  3. Gob Bluth from Arrested Development
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    We all know he could write some jammin original Christmas tunes.
  4. Daria from Daria
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    She'd say all the things we're all too afraid to say about Christmas.
  5. Walter White Jr. From Breaking Bad
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    This would be SO great guys!
  6. Newman from Seinfeld
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    Can you imagine how evil his Christmas songs would be?
  7. Rick from Rick and Morty
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    Imagine all of your favorite Holiday songs with a futuristic twist, fantastic!
  8. Alice Nelson from The Brady Bunch
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    She gets no credit, I'm sure she'd make a great record.