Requested by Spike

Favorite Gotham Tv Show Characters ;)

The casting for this show is so well done it was hard to narrow it down but I'd say this is my Top 6.... for now.
  1. James Gordon
    I have to be honest, as a long time DC reader I was a little skeptical of this show to start and Ben Mckenzie is essentially the reason I gave it a shot. Love his portrayal and the dynamic between him and Harvey Bullock
  2. Oswald Cobblepot
    I've never been a huge fan of the Penguin but Robin has really done something special with the character - I'd keep watching just for him!
  3. Edward Nygma
    Knowing the path he takes, it feels weird to refer to him as cute but seriously I love this character so much.
  4. Dr. Leslie Thompkins
    Ok, so admittedly I have a bias toward Leslie from the comics BUT I've loved this portrayal of her - clever and wise but a bit of a smartass too!
  5. Ivy Pepper
    I know we haven't had a ton of her but I want mooooooore!
  6. Barbara Kean
    I was iffy on her in the start but then they took a turn I didn't see coming and I literally can't wait for more!