Oh man, this list could get lengthy! I kept it to just 'superheroes' and didn't include any of the anti heroes that I love so much - though the fact that they're all women wasn't actually intentional, it just is what it is!
  1. Stephanie Brown - Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl
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    If it's possible to have your soulmate be a fictional character, Steph is mine. Always and forever.
  2. Barbara Gordon - Oracle/Batgirl
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    Pretty much the reason I fell in love with comics.
  3. Daisy Johnson - Quake
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    If you want to hear me swoon, just ask me about her.
  4. Natasha Romanova (Romanoff) - Black Widow
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    There's few things I love more than a redemption story or characters that overcome to do good. Nothing about her isn't awesome.
  5. Bobbi Morse - Mockingbird
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    Smart, strong, sassy - these are three of my favorite things and Bobbi has them by bucketloads!