My favorite bars in the greater North Park Area. Includes Normal Heights, University Heights, and South Park
  1. Toronado
    Legit beer. Pub-ish atmosphere but louder. Needs some sound dampening to make it quieter. Legendary beer selection. Always Pliny on tap, and plenty of other great beers. Occasional $100 bottles of Cable Car available, but FTS.
  2. Livewire
    THE OG BEER BAR IN SAN DIEGO. A total dive but AWESOME IN EVERY WAY. Don't like craft beer, fine then grab a $4 Tecate tall boy. Full liquor license to down your craft beer with shots of Jameson. Punk rock juke box. Dog friendly.
  3. Polite Provisions
    Hipster bullshit, but with cheap excellent cocktails. Seriously this place smells of handlebar mustaches but if the cocktails sucked I wouldn't step foot in this place. Fortunately the drinks are excellent and so is the staff, and the drinks are surprisingly affordable. $8 draft cocktails. $7 buffalo trace. Spend a bit more and get some fancy a fancy scotch, bourbon, or mescal. Love this spot. "It's like I'm in Hawaii but I'm in San Diego."
  4. Small Bar
  5. Park & Rec