1. Cool places I've visited in 2015
  2. Cool places I want to visit in 2016 (and beyond)
  3. Favorite movies of all-time
  4. Favorite actors of all-time
  5. New words
  6. Books I want to read next
  7. The ultimate one-bag travel packing list
  8. Things I'm thankful for (Thanksgiving 2015)
  9. New Year's resolutions I've conquered
  10. Favorite new quotes
  11. One trip, one photo
  12. Small dreams I have about my future girlfriend/wife
  13. Best words
  14. Worst words
  15. Documentaries I still have to watch
  16. Documentaries I have to re-watch
  17. Best lists of all-time
  18. Wardrobe staples for the modern gentleman
  19. I woke up inside a different body, this is what I wear to show you it's really me