Stumbled upon this book by Larry King called "How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere" at Books and Borders Cafe in Manila. Thought this section in particular was worth sharing
  1. They look at things from a new angle, taking unexpected points of view on familiar subjects
  2. They have broad horizons
    They think and talk about a wide range of issues and experiences beyond their daily lives
  3. They are enthusiastic
    They display a passion for what they're doing with their lives and a genuine interest in what you're saying to them
  4. They don't talk about themselves all the time
  5. They are curious
    They ask "why?" They want to know more about what you're telling them
  6. They empathize
    They try to put themselves in your shoes, to relate to what you're saying
  7. They have a sense of humor
    And they don't mind using it in themselves
  8. They have their own style of talking
    [What do I do if I don't have one yet, make one up? Steal someone else's? Larry wasn't super helpful here.]
  9. They know when to shut up
  10. The book:
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