Last 10 things I bought on Amazon, ranked

  1. 10.
    Ordered this for school. I know it's the great American novel but I hate it so much
  2. 9.
    A welcomed shift from harpooning whales to gay sex. I enjoyed reading this but there are tamagotchis on this list so its placement makes sense
  3. 8.
    A durable and cheap laptop charger that is now obsolete due to a tediously placed cup of tea
  4. 7.
    For reading in the dark, not spelunking
  5. 6.
    This movie is MAYBE a 6/10 but I love robert pattinson and his audition tape is included in the special features
  6. 5.
    I am a deeply ridiculous human being!!! These would be #1 on my list if they were actually strong enough to hold more than 6 strands of my hair at a time
  7. 4.
    I don't think I need to explain why I bought this
  8. 3.
  9. 2.
    One of my favorite possessions, it turns my dark room into a realm of colorful magic. I assume it is also popular among young adults who can do drugs and not freak out
  10. 1.
    Total game changer for my notes/agenda/letters/grocery lists/passive-aggressive sticky notes telling my roommate's bf to stop eating my food✨✨✨