People have to open up to you when you're reporting, but some things are better left unsaid
  1. "Is this a date?" "No it's an interview for the newspaper." "But can I tell my friends it's a date? I'll buy you coffee. I just really hyped this up to them as a date."
  2. "I feel there's a tragedy going on in your family right now. I've seen the future and I know your dad will recover."
  3. "One time a reporter wrote an obit for my late uncle and mixed up his wife and his daughter's names and now I don't trust any reporters."
  4. "So do you need a quote from me? Can't you just use my name and then you can make up something I said?"
  5. "I prefer not to give my name, but you can use what I said." "I'm sorry I can't do that." "Why not?" "Well, because then I wouldn't be quoting you."
  6. "I know how you Tar Heads will do anything to defend Roy" (I was raised a State fan and have been to 1 basketball game)