1. How Do I Get My Brother-in-law To Stop Peeing on My Bathroom Floor?
    We’ve found a rolled-up newspaper or plastic spray-bottle to work best, but it might be different for human families. http://slate.me/1IG3Bx4
  2. I'm Resentful of My Ex’s New Wife.
    Like a hot shower-fart, resentment worsens the longer it lingers. http://slate.me/1PuFjqR
  3. I’m a Woman Who Wants to Propose To My Boyfriend.
    Speaking of marriage, you know what was a great movie? The Princess Bride. When was the last time you saw that one, anyway? http://slate.me/1kinYEr
  4. I Feel Guilty For Not Performing Oral Sex.
    Stay strong. We feel guilty for lots of things too, like telling Officer Grimes the fire was an accident, but sometimes you have to burn down a municipal tool shed if you want to make the world a better place. http://slate.me/1InAiio
  5. I Don’t Want to Let My Partner Impregnate His Lesbian Friend
    It’s a slippery slope. http://slate.me/1YwXNaF