Your sweetheart will never forget this hilarious little joke!
  1. On Valentine’s Day, give your partner some anti-malarial pills.
  2. Tell your partner that you’ve booked an all-inclusive stay at a Thai resort, and your flight leaves on Friday.
    Rave about the sun, sand, and unhealthy amount of sex you’ll soon be enjoying.
  3. When your partner asks why you’d worry about catching malaria at a resort, shrug.
    Mumble, ‘I don’t know, mosquitoes. Jesus.’
  4. Remind your partner to take one pill every evening at bedtime.
    Don’t mention anything about the night terrors.
  5. For the next five nights, record your partner’s night terrors.
    Your iPhone should work fine.
  6. On Friday morning, tell your partner the resort was demolished by an elephant stampede.
  7. Resist the urge to chuckle at your partner’s dismay.
    Dry any tears and/or nasal mucus.
  8. Show your partner some of your new hilarious night terror GIFs.