“A Modern Hair Study:” The Back of Your Hair Can Say a Lot

What’s yours saying? http://slate.me/28YknHf
  1. Like most people who visit Paris, Tara Bogart was enchanted by the city’s magnificent artwork.
  2. In particular — a photograph called “Hair Study” at the Bibliotheque National de France.
    Taken over a hundred years ago by an eccentric Frenchman named Nadar, it depicts the back of a young woman’s head, her hair piled up with an elaborate clip.
  3. Even after Bogart returned home to Milwaukee, she couldn’t get the girl’s picture out of her head.
    “I looked at the comb and the style of the hair and her neck and the sheer beauty of her being—even though we are refused access to most of her—I couldn’t stop thinking about her,” says Bogart.
  4. She wanted to update Nadar’s concept for the modern age, to show how contemporary women express themselves.
    Word spread quickly, and many women asked Bogart to photograph them.
  5. Bogart tried to let the project unfold organically, without imposing a preconceived plan.
  6. Says Bogart, “I was really trying not to hand-pick them but rather a random sampling of what was around me.”
  7. She believes her work will help cultivate an appreciation for authentic forms of beauty.
  8. “It came in handy for the subjects to see that this is ‘natural’… There will be no primping or styling or fancy lighting to create a stylized look of perfection but rather the perfection of their natural selves as they exist on any given day.”
  9. In other words — bedhead has its beauty, too.
  10. And though we take millions of selfies a day, nobody ever photographs the back of her head.
  11. So why not start now?
  12. If you’ve been rocking some magnificent back-locks lately, share your photos below!
  13. I like this idea...
    Randomly, I actually do have a recent pic of the back of my head. Was trying to see how my hair looked.
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