The wily socialist’s positions on military spending could come back to haunt him.
  1. In 1974, Bernie Sanders demanded the abolishment of the CIA.
    He accused the spy agency of supporting fascist dictatorships and right-wing lunacy.
  2. Those comments were the subject of a recent Politico story about the Vermont senator’s radical past.
  3. Sanders’ stance was justified — the CIA had undermined democratic governments in Iran, Chile, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    And moderates like Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and writer John Judis have also called for the CIA’s demise.
  4. However, Bernie’s approach to national security might soon prove problematic.
    Mainstream voters will likely have doubts about his commitment to keeping America safe.
  5. And there’s more:
  6. His distrust of the military began during the Vietnam War.
    As a pacifist, Sanders applied for conscientious objector status (but was denied).
  7. Later, as the chairman of the left-libertarian Liberty Union Party, Sanders called for the military to be reduced to citizen militias and a Coast Guard.
  8. In the 1980s, he was affiliated with the Socialist Workers Party.
    The party expressed solidarity with the revolutionary regime in Iran during the hostage crisis, and wanted to eliminate the military budget.
  9. Even Bernie’s more reasonable suggestions, like his 1991 speech that called for military spending to be reduced by half, are quite unpopular.
    Gallup polls indicate 64% of Americans favor increased military spending, while only 32% favor reduced spending.
  10. Although any Democratic is likely to be labeled soft and unpatriotic, polls also suggest voters are especially hostile toward socialists.
    Thirty-eight percent wouldn’t vote for a Muslim, but fifty percent wouldn’t vote for a socialist.