Requested by Mary Cheever

Best Dear Prudie Questions, As Requested by @Mary

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  1. I’m a Girl Who Just Had Sex With Her Gay Best Friend. Is He Still Gay?
    Let’s get this list started with a bang. But seriously, folks…
  2. How Do I Get My Grown Son to Hitch Up His Pants?
    An oldie, but a goodie.
  3. My Wife and I Are Friends with a Prostitute. Can We Invite Her to Parties?
    Dear Prudence: The Happy Hooker
  4. I Asked My Girlfriend Her “Number” and Was Horrified by the Answer.
    Will I ever get over it?
  5. I Smoked Pot with a Troubled Teen I Try to Look Out For. Big Mistake?
    The marijuana mentor.
  6. How Can I Get My Dad to Stop Picking His Nose in Public?
    Things could be worse. At least he isn’t picking other people’s noses.