So, they’re “improving” their customer service. How? With technology, of course!
  1. Comcast is the worst public utility company you can’t live without.
  2. To appease the seething masses, they've decided to pour $300 million into overhauling their customer service.
  3. Comcast has invested in new call-tracking software and email support, and they’ve given their stores and apps an Apple-inspired makeover.
  4. But they can’t shake one nagging fact: people think they’re a bunch of greedy jerks.
  5. "A lot of times I’ll see people that have way more internet than they need… I’d say about a third of the people we successfully sell things to actually need it,” says ‘Steve’, a technical support and billing rep.
  6. The company plans to open five new call centers and hire 5,500 new employees over the next few years, but it’s also trying to minimize “handle time.”
    This sounds nice in theory, but in practice it gives customer service reps even less incentive to actually fix problems.
  7. As Steve says, “The people who don’t do a thorough job get to keep their jobs. If you’re wondering why a lot of things get done half-assed, that’s the reason why.”
  8. To track customer complaints in real-time, Comcast has adopted a tool called Net Promoter.
    Employees can review negative interactions with their supervisors, which Comcast claims will help “maintain a culture of continual improvement.”
  9. But ultimately, as executive vice president Charlie Herrin says, “a lot of the issues are simply expectations.”
  10. And if that doesn’t make you excited for your next Comcast call, then boy, we don’t know what to tell you.