Because ‘brobdingnagian’ makes you sound like a douchelord.
  1. Tatterdemalion (n.) — hobo
    From his unkempt beard and grimy trousers I took him for a trust fund kid, but turns out he’s a tatterdemalion.
  2. Galumptious (adj.) — great, grand
    The galumptious haberdashery boasts a wondrous assortment of codpieces.
  3. Kakistocracy (n.) — rule by fools
    America could abolish its entrenched kakistocracy if half its citizens would admit they are idiots.
  4. Mellifluous (adj.) — sweet-sounding
    Groove to the mellifluous jams of Thelonius Monk, mmm baby, uh huh, yeah…
  5. Jiggery-pokery (n.) — deceitful, dishonest behavior
    The shoplifting centenarian is living proof that even geriatric invalids enjoy a little jiggery-pokery.
  6. Gallimaufry (n.) — hodgepodge
    Noticing my stark feet, the laundromat attendant exhorted my perusal of the gallimaufry of forsaken socks he'd amassed so I might procure a unique pair.
    Suggested by @danimaljohn