The Donald’s inevitable victory could be... evitable, if Cruz gets a few lucky breaks.
  1. The race for the Republican primary is about to get even messier.
  2. Donald Trump has already crushed Jeb Bush, and he holds mind-bogglingly huge leads over fellow GOP candidates John Kasich and Marco Rubio.
    However, Cruz trails Trump by a mere 100 delegates.
  3. The upcoming Florida and Ohio primaries have a total of 165 delegates at stake.
    As long as Trump doesn’t win both, Cruz still has a chance.
  4. His biggest goal before the convention — to prevent Trump from winning a majority of delegates.
    1,237, to be exact.
  5. If all four GOP candidates stay in the race, Trump will still end up with a large plurality, making it difficult for party leaders to nominate an alternative candidate.
  6. Cruz needs Rubio to withdraw after Trump beats him in Florida. And he needs Kasich to win Ohio (then drop out of the race).
    Then he needs to win a bunch of states in the West and Midwest, while avoiding disaster in the Trump-loving Northeast.
  7. In essence, Cruz needs the support of every Republican who doesn’t like Trump — and the anti-Trump coalition must actually constitute a majority of Republicans.
  8. So…hope?