Some Central Americans are risking it all to reach the United States. http://slate.me/1TIPxVS
  1. After reading the non-fiction book ‘Enrique’s Journey’, photographer Michelle Frankfurter packed a bag full of film and bought a plane ticket to Mexico City.
    The story of a migrant boy’s search for his mother inspired her.
  2. Her series ‘Destino’ focuses on the struggle of Central American migrants to find new homes and futures.
    In Spanish, the name means both “destination” and “destiny”.
  3. For years, Frankfurter rode the trains along with undocumented migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and other countries…
  4. Many of the migrants were women and young children, fleeing gang violence and domestic abuse.
  5. The migrants traveled north through Mexico, clinging to the tops of cargo trains.
  6. "[T]his is an epic journey across a hostile landscape,” says Frankfurter.
  7. Many people become sick and injured along the way. Small shelters have been built for them, but supplies are scarce.
  8. Frankfurter says most of the migrants she met were open and friendly — they were surprised to see her traveling alone, but earning their trust was easy.
  9. She also says that GOP presidential contender Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall across the Mexican border is impossible for her to understand.
  10. “There’s part of me that’s just numbed and wearied by it; there’s nothing I could ever do or say or show to this particular demographic that is going to change their minds."
  11. “So I have to find different ways of channeling my energy other than getting crazy by it.”