1. Who Won the GOP Debate?
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    Feel free to write in your own answer. However, be advised there’s no space to do so, and your submission will not be counted, so in many ways it’s just as useless as actually voting. http://slate.me/1UTiWeq
  2. Chris Christie Says He’s a Straight Shooter. That’s a Lie.
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    Finding an honest man in politics is as difficult as finishing an analogy about an honest man in politics. http://slate.me/1SSS1Rg
  3. Marco Rubio Bum-Rushes Ted Cruz
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    Which one of them is the good guy, again? http://slate.me/1QakRvR
  4. Trump Turns “New York Values” Against Cruz
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    The slanderous, frightfully-coiffed real estate tycoon drives the sharp spike of his battle-flag into the soft loam of the moral high ground. Among the Cruzites there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth. http://slate.me/1nmHuSk
  5. Here’s the Real Reason Republican Voters Still Like Trump and Cruz
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    It’s been said many times before — Donald Trump. http://slate.me/233Poka