Old Pictures of Queer New York

Everything’s better in black-and-white. http://slate.me/1T7AsMI
  1. For a young photographer like Luis Carle, New York was an exciting place in the 1980s.
  2. He quickly found a group of friends who knew how to party — and protest.
    They were active in many LGBTQ causes, including the March on Washington in 1987.
  3. But when the community was wracked by AIDS, many of Carle’s closest friends lost their lives.
  4. “I got worried we would disappear,” Carle said. “When I was growing up the older people would always be around telling you do this or that. They would educate you … but then that generation in between didn’t have that because a lot of people died.”
  5. To preserve their memories , Carle helped found the Organization of Puerto Rican Artists in 1992.
  6. After that, his focus shifted to fine-art photography, and he shot exclusively on digital.
    But now he’s rediscovering some of his old film negatives and the memories they captured.
  7. He’ll be displaying those photos at the Fuerza Fest, as part of an exhibition called “Pride, Activism, Survival”.
  8. Unearthing the images triggered many emotions for Carle.
    “It’s very intense… I started going through [the pictures] and it started bringing up memories of friends; there are pictures of friends who passed away…”
  9. With the ever-increasing demand for nostalgia, Carle’s personal memories are about to go public.