Read these stories about grown humans playing games with colorful balls, and have something to discuss with your co-workers as you wait for the elevator!
  1. Lebron James Probably Got His Coach Fired. Does That Make Him a Jerk?
    Yes. LeBron James is a jerk the way toast is bread.
  2. Trans Athletes No Longer Need Gender Reassignment Surgery to Compete in the Olympics
    The announcement was met with outrage by the nation’s uncles, who feared their jokes about female East German weightlifters would no longer be funny.
  3. How Peyton Manning Beat Tom Brady Without Having to Do Much of Anything
    You may remember Peyton Manning from such commercials as every goddamn commercial ever aired on television.
  4. Watch Basketball-Playing Cop Surprise Kids By Taking Shaquille O’Neal as Backup
    In the pantheon of Great Shaqtin’ Performances, this ranks above Kazaam and below Game 6 of the 2006 Western Conference Finals.
  5. Steph Curry Will Soon Be Making Full-Court Shots
    Ball don’t lie.