If ‘Deadpool’ can blow up, why not these? slate.me/1Qlp9SN
  1. The misfit anti-hero Deadpool was a hit with audiences, making over $150 million in its opening weekend.
    Since Hollywood loves nothing more than clumsily imitating successful ideas, here’s some fresh meat for the movie-sausage grinder.
  2. 'The Authority’ by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch
    A murderous band of superheroes keeps society safe by killing everyone they don’t like.
  3. ‘Ex Machina’ by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris
    After 9/11, a man who can communicate with machines becomes mayor of New York City. He’s soon swept up in political intrigue, terrorism, and urban chaos.
  4. 'Top 10’ by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon
    This violent, stylish police procedural tackles tough social issues in a world of unemployed metahumans.
  5. ‘Bitch Planet’ by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro
    Female exiles on a remote galactic outpost fight for feminist values and freedom.
  6. ‘Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse’ by Ben Templesmith
    An omnipotent brain-slug possesses the corpses of the dapperly deceased and battles supernatural foes in this droll horror comedy.
  7. We forgetting anything good?