The Daily Grind of a Crime Scene Investigator, in Photos

It’s not all sunglasses and dramatic head-swivels.
  1. Three years ago, Dutch photographer Jeroen Hofman began a project titled “Forensics.”
  2. He traveled around the Netherlands to photograph the training sessions of crime scene detectives.
  3. The overhead shots were his favorites, Hofman says.
    “It’s graphic… I’m always looking for new angles and approaches; it’s not the normal way they present crime scene investigations.”
  4. Even under classroom conditions, each shot had to be perfect — no do-overs to interrupt the training sessions.
  5. Hofman found himself in some truly bizarre environments.
  6. “They gave me a little tour around the hospital area where the body parts were stored… There was a big box with only hands floating around in fluids. It was incredible to see their world, and you should never take advantage of it…”
  7. Hofman also traveled to simulated crime scenes where students experimented with unusual techniques (like arson).
  8. The most challenging part of his project is maintaining a focus on his human subjects.
  9. Consider the people who investigate child pornography crimes.
  10. Says Hofman, “It’s the worst thing on earth, so my next thing is to [figure out how to photograph it].”