The Many Splendid Colors of Botswana

Our world is a beautiful place.
  1. When Chloe Sells first arrived in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, she knew she’d found her home.
  2. “I fell in love and I never left,” she said.
    Her former tour guide is now her husband.
  3. She’s lived with him in a bush lodge for the past 15 years, creating unique landscapes with a large-format camera and darkroom manipulation.
  4. Her work was recently published in the book “Swamp.”
  5. Many of her photos came on long expeditions into the swampy marshlands fed by rainwater from Angola.
  6. Shooting is the easy part, though — after she’s done, she might spend weeks in the darkroom getting things JUST right.
    A creative perfectionist, Sells’ loves the struggle.
  7. “I really like making the book because there’s some kind of determinant thing about pushing one image up against another and staying that way. In the book you get to build relationships that are forever,” she says.