The Moody, Dreamy, Breeziness of Teenage Love

Chop up a line of pure, uncut nostalgia.
  1. Olivia Bee never intended to become a photographer.
  2. When the 11-year old signed up for her first middle school photography course, the results weren’t too remarkable.
  3. But she kept shooting pictures of her classmates and friends (and posting her work to websites like Flickr).
    When she was 15, she caught the eyes of Converse.
  4. More projects with more brands followed, and soon she was a media sensation.
  5. Now 22, she reflects on her work in the recently published book, “Olivia Bee: Kids in Love”.
  6. “Part of making work is making it really close to me but then giving it away. I’m totally detached from it. It doesn’t feel like mine anymore. It feels like I’m kind of mourning my work, but mourning means there’s space for something new,” says Bee.
  7. Her new book consists of two distinct parts, reflecting different eras of her life.
  8. The first part, “Enveloped in a Dream”, represents her memories of adolescent friendship.
  9. The second part is called “Kids in Love”, which Bee describes as “documentary with a romantic eye”.
  10. “All the photos that I make are love letters,” she says.