The New Elite of Documentary Photography

Magnum Photos gets an infusion of “New Blood.”
  1. Any aspiring photographer would happily trade a toe or two for an invitation to Magnum Photos.
  2. For 69 years, the legendary international cooperative has pushed the limits of creative storytelling.
    Now, it’s opening its ranks to an unprecedented influx of new talent.
  3. Six nominees showcased their work for the recently completed “Magnum Photos: New Blood” exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York.
    They’ll need to hone their portfolios and techniques for years before they achieve full membership.
  4. Five of the photographers were admitted in 2015, and one was accepted in 2014.
    It’s the largest crop of initiates in Magnum Photos’ history.
  5. All the artists are documentary photographers, but their styles and focuses are vastly different.
  6. For example, Matt Black conducted a project about American poverty entirely on Instagram.
  7. Newsha Tavakolian, a self-taught photographer from Iran, is a seasoned reporter with an artist’s flair.
  8. And New Dehli-based Sohrab Hura investigates mental health and rural life in his frenetic black-and-white shots.
  9. With so many unique and talented photographers entering the fold, it’s an exciting time for Magnum Photos.
  10. “It shows Magnum is really committed to pushing the genres of what photography can be,” says Song Chong, director of Milk Gallery.