Don’t drink and type, kids.
  1. The latest reason to be terrified of the Internet is called “typosquatting”.
    Hackers are now creating websites full of malware with URLs almost identical to those of popular sites like YouTube and Google.
  2. The nastiest variation takes advantage of Oman’s country code — .om.
  3. For example, infects visitors with Geneio, an Israeli adware that preys on Mac users.
    The site has already received a “non-trivial amount” of traffic, which could allow the adware to spread to Windows and other operating systems.
  4. Typosquatting can also contain other types of cyber attacks, such as phishing.
  5. In these attacks the page redirects several times, then lands on a fake site that asks you to “download” or “update” something.
  6. Other sites simply trick you into entering your personal information, like credit card numbers or passwords.
  7. Some companies protect themselves against typosquatting by buying domains their customers may access by accident.
    Cybersecurity firm Endgame is now recommending that companies snatch up all available .om domains before they’re hijacked for nefarious purposes.
  8. In the meantime, try spell check.