1. Help! My Family Became Controlling After They Assisted Me in Ending an Abusive Marriage.
    Happy families are all alike, but unhappy families are oil in the machinery of the therapeutic-industrial complex. http://slate.me/1R45V1G
  2. The Key to Understanding Why the Officers in the Tamir Rice Case Weren’t Indicted
    “Officer-created jeopardy” is either the saddest trivia game imaginable, or a heaping spoonful of legalese washed down with a mighty swallow of pure, creamy bullshit. http://slate.me/1QSRLlW
  3. Ben Carson Needs to Get Over Himself
    Couldn’t one argue that Carson should also get inside himself, and behind himself, or perhaps even under himself? Who knows? Ask Ben. He’s the science-whiz, after all. http://slate.me/1Ovkhtc
  4. Workplace Drug Testing Is Intrusive and Ineffective. Why Do Employers Still Use It?
    Hey, why do employers do anything? They’re crazy, those guys. Employers! Sheesh, gimme a break. I’m walking here. http://slate.me/1TmdpMZ
  5. The Worst Civil Liberties Betrayals of 2015
    Civil liberties, like gas station toilet seats, are only appreciated after they’ve been stolen. http://slate.me/1YOb5Qk