1. Anti-Vaxxers Go Nuts When Mark Zuckerberg Posts Photo of Daughter at Doctor Office
    If nobody's going to make the obvious joke about someone needing a rabies shot, then fine. We’ll do it. We’re not proud of ourselves, though. http://slate.me/1PkyhR0
  2. Help! My Adult Son Lives At Home But Pretends We Don’t Exist
    It would be cool if ghosts wrote that letter. They probably didn’t, but you can always hope. The world should have a little magic. http://slate.me/1l30uDL
  3. House Republicans Stupidly Use Gay ‘Jeopardy!’ Star As Face of Snapchat Campaign
    What is, “The Latest Sideshow in an Escalating Circus of Chaos and Stupidity That Won’t Stop Until We’re All Too Numbed and Cynical To Breathe”, Alex? http://slate.me/1Zja96S
  4. Ted Cruz Birthers Aren’t Going Away, And the GOP Seems Totally Cool With That
    According to sources, a plurality of Republicans are also down with OPP. http://slate.me/1Sh7qf5
  5. Obama Needs to Make This the Most Explicitly Partisan State of the Union Speech Ever
    The President must remind us all that it is imperative to crush the freedom fighters before the rainy season, and promise a shiny new donkey for whomever brings him the head of Colonel Montoya. What? No, it’s a joke. Jesus, is anyone here old enough to remember ‘The Simpsons’? http://slate.me/1l3k174