1. Name the track.
  2. Name the album.
  3. Name the artist.
  4. Name the first person you’ll call.
  5. Bad Girls - M.I.A. from Matangi. & I'd call my dad, obvs.
    Suggested by @taylordudzinski
  6. "Killing in the Name"- Rage Against the Machine (album and band). I'd call Beyonce to ask if she would be my Queen of the World.
    Suggested by @DavidRobson
  7. "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan 😜; calling my sis.
    Suggested by @emicita
  8. It's A Small World After All - Walt Disney World Official Album - Richard Morton Sherman & Robert Bernard Sherman
    I'm calling Richard. God bless the memory of your brother Robert. Thank you for your wonderful song. The ONE verse and ONE chorus I just played will be the last time we EVER hear it under penalty of death (no offense). It's actually a pretty big complicated world and I am it's ruler. GRAPES NOW!!!!!
    Suggested by @bdot