1. Hello Kitty soy sauce
  2. A woman wearing a hot pink gas mask (the kind you wear at hazardous waste site) in a bookstore
  3. Sake jelly. Really.
  4. Armed guards with guns strapped to every part of their body.
  5. Metal detectors for Super Bowl which isn't until Sunday
  6. Traditional Japanese bakery that is also a old fashioned 1950s coffee shop, along with apple pie and fried ham.
  7. Placenta face mask (I didn't ask if it was actual placenta) The list of ingredients said hydrolyzed placental protein
  8. Wall of all the ukuleles you could possibly want
  9. Tiny plastic tubes for soy saice
  10. Different varieties of Spam, including jalapeño and teriyaki
  11. Cheesecake Kit Kat
  12. Black sesame mochi ice cream
  13. Too many coloring books to count
  14. Tiny tiny paper diorama figures to take home and presumably go blind
  15. Disney character sushi how to guide
  16. Biscuits named Couque D'asses
  17. Snack called crispy crickets and pumpkin seeds
  18. Also chili lime superworms
  19. Humphrey Slocombe secret breakfast ice cream (it's bourbon and cornflakes)
  20. Coconut pudding
  21. Bay bridge