1. I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen in 30 minutes
  2. I've never done this before
  3. I wanted to help others so I volunteered
  4. And have been dreading it all week
  5. I don't want to go! And I'm so so confused why.
  6. Because I want to help. No one made me sign up for this, it was my idea. I believe in helping others, and I don't do it enough
  7. But this doesn't feel like help at all.
  8. I'll just be serving food. I don't know anyone else who's doing it.
  9. There are no other available times to help for months, so it's hardly a contribution, just me giving an hour of my time.
  10. But still, why am I dreading it?? Is this just my anxiety?
  11. Any advice????? You all seem like lovely, wise, caring people who have also dealt with anxiety