1. Hmm. I should get a deodorant that won't give me cancer. This one at the checkout line in Sephora seems fun.
  2. OK let me wait for an unimportant day to try this out
  3. ... No big plans today!
  4. OK, applying. All looks good so far. I have high hopes. What could go wrong??
  5. Midday sniff check: still good. Ah, the thrill of success!
  6. End of the day sniff check: Uh-oh.
  7. I could smell worse, I guess.
  8. Honestly that was probably just because I wore a sweatshirt and my armpits overheated. I don't think anyone could smell me.
  10. OK, let me try again
  11. End of the day: I just smell more natural, really, not bad.
  12. I'll reapply though, so when I wake up in the morning I smell ok for crossfit
  13. The next morning: Oh shit. WHAT HAVE I DONE?
  14. Scrub your armpits, Sarah
  15. Scrub!
  16. I'm using soap!
  17. Why isn't this working????????
  18. Does the smelly part extend beyond the armpit itself?
  19. Do I need to scrub my shoulders????
  20. SCRUB!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. *shove deodorant in recesses of cabinet; order discontinued deodorant from Amazon at massive price markup*