1. I'm into Colorado's outdoorsy vibe
  2. But what if I moved there?
  3. Would I want to move so far from my family?
  4. And my friends?
  5. But would I probably make new cool outdoorsy friends like Loki the wolf dog (and owner)?
  6. What if I didn't like it?
  7. Is it a good place for a career?
  8. No ocean means no way to escape in case of invasion
    Just saying
  9. Or California
  10. Great for a tech career
  11. Great for great weather!
  12. Bad if you like water
  13. See above, re: family and friends
  14. New York is great!
  15. But let's be realistic
  16. I love the pace
  17. And I'm from here (as is my family) so I get it
    You know?
  18. My ways are mostly New York ways
  19. My accent is mostly New York
  20. My mannerisms are mostly New York
  21. There's so much to do!
  22. But sometimes I just want a hike in the mountains and a culture that doesn't make that seem extravagant